Go Kenya Uganda Gorilla Photography Safari


The focus for this safari is on helping you capture exceptional images of untamed wildlife in Kenya and gorilla in Uganda as well as beautiful landscapes.

This is an adventure experience for life time! We mainly offer private safari packages and our staff can assist you tailor make your suitable travel package that best fits your budget, time and interests.

Just let us know the places you want to visit; we shall design for you a suitable Kenya photo safari itinerary.  During our trips, we often rise early and linger till sunset, to capitalize on the best light.

Uganda and Kenya have for long been Africa’s most storied safari destinations for photographic adventures.

Known for their legendary wildlife and evocative landscapes, Kenya and Uganda have countless opportunities to capture iconic photos of Africa to photographers, for example, the graceful giraffes browsing in acacia trees, herds of Elephants and Buffaloes traversing the savanna, Stealthy lions stalking gazelle, proud Maasai bedecked in ceremonial bead work, the great Migration that offers a great opportunity to photograph hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra thundering across the plains, with predators in pursuit, not forgetting tree climbing lions and the critically endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Gorilla tour to Uganda takes you to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park a home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas.

There you will join other travelers and immediately after the briefing, you embark on the hike into the jungle searching for gorillas.

Hiking time depends on the location of gorillas and their speed of movements. On reaching the gorillas, spend an hour taking photos and enjoy their company.

Have a ringside seat in Kenya’s Masai Mara for the Wildebeest Migration.

The chance to photo lions, Lions are Africa’s only true social cat and this mutual grooming/head rubbing observed plays a vital role of reinforcing social bonds through scent and touch between pride members.

So, it is a delight to all of our guests to be able to witness this intimate (and at times quite comical) behavior first hand.

However, it doesn’t end there! It certainly pays off to stay with these lions, not only does Wildlife Trails guests enjoy these special moments pictured but less than 30 minutes later you will all be treated to some incredible action as the lions’ hunt for their breakfast.


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