Car Rental with Rooftop Tent in Kenya

Are planning for self drive holidays in East Africa? The most recommended destinations to go are rather than Kenya and Tanzania. Both countries have got variety of wildlife found in the wide range of national parks. The safari loop can start with Kenya and then ends in Tanzania or either way that you would wish to explore the region.

Before, self drive in Kenya and Tanzania was a bit complicated as tour operators in both countries do not offer car rental services. Today, the famous Uganda car rental agency offers one way rentals loops or back loop from Uganda to the countries mentioned above.

Among vehicles offered with the rooftop tent includes the 4×4 Toyota Hilux Double cabin and Land cruiser Prado, land safari cruiser and Camping Equipment’s. In order to hire a vehicle, you must be between ages of 23 and 70 years of age and be a holder of a valid international or home driver’s permit for the past 2 years and have no endorsements.

A copy of your passport, driving license, full contact details and a full advance payment for the period of hire will be required before or on collection of vehicles. Additional cash deposit may be required under certain special circumstances.

Land Cruiser Prado 4X4 with Rooftop Tent helps you discover Kenya at a reliable & cheap price. 4WD camper vehicles are equipped with full camping equipment’s. You take specialty in hiring out good quality 4X4 camping trucks. Campers or roof tents are designed for those who like camping of nature.

Expect the best personalized attention to your interests and requests, the best Kenya car hire detailed assistance to your Kenya booking. The best Professional suggestions and advice on the best quality of services to you. Superb service that comes as a full package with no hidden cost.

These vehicles are all in good condition and ready for self-drive safari with rooftop tent and camping equipment’s, customers are valued and make sure vehicles are serviced frequently to maximize your experience during your self-drive safari journey. You just set up the rooftop tent on the Prado you have hired and spend the night in relative comfort.