Kenya Tours and Maasai Cultural Experience


One of the best tribes in Africa which you can meet and have a great cultural experience is the Masai tribe which is both in Tanzania and Kenya.

The Masai people in Kenya covers only 0.7% of the total population of Kenya but with such an interesting and amazing culture that makes every tourist’s tour in Kenya so memorable and this tribe can be met if you visit either MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE or AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK or even TSAVO NATIONAL PARK and some other Parks.

The Kenya tours and Maasai cultural experience can be enjoyed most if you consult the best tour agency Eco Tours Kenya to cater for all your Kenya trip including hiring you a 4×4 vehicle of your own choice including experienced and professional drivers if at all you need one and the agency’s vehicles luckily have pop-up roofs thus enabling you to have an excellent game viewing without moving out of your vehicle.

Kenya tours;

Before meeting the Maasai people, it is a very wise decision if you start with visiting some of Kenya’s best Parks and still one of the best in Africa as whole for example you can first have a visit to MAASAI MARA in order to view Kenya’s annual migration of Wildebeests which migrate from Tanzania in the Serengeti plains.

During the migration you will see a large number of animals crossing the Mara River to enter and enjoy the fresh pastures of Maasai Mara and some of the notable animals during this migration are; over 1.5 million Wildebeests, 500,000-plus Thomson’s gazelles, over 200,000 Zebras and thousands of Elands and Topis.

All Africa’s big five which include; African lions, African leopards, African elephants, Cape buffaloes and Rhinos can be seen in the Park and also in AMBOSELI and TSAVO national parks.

Therefore you can first enjoy the huge diversity of wildlife in these Parks before doing your cultural encounters and meet the Masai people.

In Kenya tours, you will meet a huge number of Lions and Elephants in all those three Parks though AMBOSELI protects the largest population of herds of elephants in the whole of Africa.

Many other animals can also be seen during your Kenya tour in any of the above Parks and other animals include; Giraffes, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Jackals, Impalas, Gazelles, Hartebeests, Roan antelopes, Mongooses, Aardwolves, Zebras, African hares and many others.

Many activities can be done during your Kenya tour such as; balloon safaris, game viewing, cultural encounters, nature walks, boat cruises, birding, game drives and more.

Maasai cultural experience;

The Masai people are traditionally cattle keepers who believe that the whole cattle in the world belong to them.

They also have a slogan which says that ‘’God gave them full and exclusive rights on all cattle in the world’’ thus even if they do cattle rustling or steal cattle from other people for them they don’t take it as stealing and instead they refer it as taking back or rescuing their belongings.

Besides cattle keeping, these people also believe in polygamy and a man is valued and counted to be a man depending on the number of cattle and children he has.

Their culture is indeed of a lifetime right from their dressing styles to their dances and songs all which are so interesting and amazing.

You will also be told to have a try of their culture and willingly if you get an interest in their culture, you can then give it a try and take pictures and brief videos while you are involved in the Masai culture all which portrays much fun and thus making your trip so magical and memorable.

The lives of the Masai people is strongly based on their cattle including food and others therefore you will also be prepared a Masai meal including a lot of meat and milk after of which you can also buy their artifacts made out of the cattle products like hides.


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